The tour of My World Has Exploded A Little Bit has started really well. Audiences have been responding incredibly warmly, and so have reviewers...

★★★★★  'Pros: A refreshingly original production, perfectly balanced and completely absorbing. Cons: You’re probably going to cry.' - EverythingTheatre

★★★★1/2  'A touching, moving and yet surprisingly uplifting debut play from Heesom.' - ReviewsHub

★★★★ 'Don’t worry guys, it’s not all doom and gloom!... Heesom and Alexander deftly walk the tightrope between humour and sadness in a show that will pluck firmly at the heartstrings.' - TheLondonEconomic 

★★★★ 'through savvy layering and sharp storytelling the rational versus the emotional response to death is played out, as Heesom gently takes us by the hand and leads us along this incredibly intimate and personal journey.' - PocketSizeTheatre

★★★★ 'This part true story, part satirical, ridiculous lecture works better than anyone could ever explain it in theory.' - UpperCircle

'a powerful, necessary, quietly devastating conversation between Heesom and herself. The fact that Heesom has invited us in to witness that conversation is an opportunity that should most certainly be embraced.' - ViewFromTheCheapseat

'Heesom has something of Emma Thompson about her in this character – so direct and blunt as to be gleefully shocking. Alexander by contrast is whimsical and peppy, child-like in her portrayal. Another of O’Briain’s juxtapositions that makes the pair a classically comedic double act. - CultureByNight