Bitches, Witches and Hitler Pubes with Holly Morgan

Episode 3: Bitches, Witches and Hitler Pubes with Holly Morgan

Writer, performer, impressionist, funny woman and chanteuse Holly Morgan joins Bella for a wide ranging conversation taking as the starting point, her shows: Seven Crazy Bitches, Madonna or Whore? and Holly Morgan: is a Witch, Get Her!

Holly and Bella talk archetypes, Madonna, witch hunts, insecurities, laser hair removal, and how multiple orgasms are a bit like a superpower, so no wonder the men of yore were scared of us.



Christianity, Consent & the Clitoris with Natalie Collins

Episode 2: Christianity, Consent & the Clitoris with Natalie Collins

Bella, a lifelong atheist, chats to Natalie Collins, founder of the Christian Feminist Network, about her personal experience of Christian purity culture, an abusive marriage, a happy marriage, and her relationship with sex within those contexts.

An open and frank discussion about the negative and positive ways in which Natalie's sexual experiences have been shaped by: shame around premarital sex and masturbation, socially enforced gender roles, sexual abuse, the discovery of feminism, and her faith in a god who gave women an organ designed purely for pleasure.



The Power of Sexy Stories with Naomi Sheldon

A series of podcasts exploring and celebrating female sexuality

Join Bella Heesom for some refreshingly frank, in-depth conversations about sexuality, and its impact on our sense of identity and creativity, among other things. Featuring a range of scintillating guests who enjoy over-sharing. Bella is an actor, writer & theatre maker based in London. Whilst doing research for her new show, Rejoicing At Her Wondrous Vulva The Young Woman Applauded Herself, she read loads of fascinating books about female sexuality, and talked to lots of brilliant women, and she decided we all need to talk about sex more, and one play just wouldn't cut it, so she simply must get into podcasting.

Episode 1: The Power Of Sexy Stories with Naomi Sheldon

Bella chats to Good Girl writer and performer Naomi Sheldon about writing and reading stories about sex, and how they shape the way we see ourselves.

A wide ranging-discussion covering: emotions; the male gaze; finding our own language to convey internal conflict onstage; the struggle to figure out what we really want from sex; body hair; erotic fiction; the value of talking about our sex lives; and the need for a variety of stories about women having sex in a multiplicity of ways.