An exploration of the impact the internalised male gaze has on women's relationships with their own pleasure.

This piece is in the early stages of development. 

Bella is playing around with different modes of story telling, and at the moment her favourite is comic dialogues between the brain and the clitoris, complete with silly hats. She's also working on some VERY intimate monologues, and we've been exploring movement as a possible language free from all of the patriarchal baggage of the spoken word with brilliant movement director Raquel Meseguer. We're workshopping the piece at Ovalhouse theatre, where Bella and Donnacadh are Associate Artists.

I've had a fascinating time reading books about female sexuality and making notes over the past few months. Now I am talking to women, discovering a wonderful variety of perspectives. If any women reading this would like to meet me face to face and have an open, non-judgemental conversation about sex, please get in touch via the contact page - I would love to meet you - Bella

women! we are gathering your stories! please take a look at the questionnaire at the link below and consider answering some of the questions:

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early scratch - scratch night @ theatre delicatessen - sat 18th march - tickets

scratch - bigbang #1: part of hotbed festival @ Camden peoples theatre - sat 30th april, 7pm, £12 (£10) - tickets

scratch - sharp teeth @ theatre 503 - sun 14th may, 7.45pm, £10 (£8) - tickets


there will probably be a full production at ovalhouse theatre this autumn. sign up to the mailing list on the contact page to be the first to hear when dates are announced.



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