creating autobiographical theatre

Theatre has the power to remind us of our common humanity, to make us feel less alone, and cultivate empathy with others.

Creating work out of truth rather than fiction can have an even greater impact. But how do you turn the chaos of thoughts, feelings and memories into a play with dramatic structure?

This workshop explores dynamic ways of presenting your own life experiences onstage. Bella leads practical exercises, experimenting with postdramatic techniques with a strong focus on the relationship between the performer/s and the audience.

Suitable for writers and performers interested in creating their own work.


available as a half day or full day workshop.


to inquire about booking a workshop, please contact bella via the form here.













'Bella created a safe and non-judgemental environment in which to experiment and share. In only three hours, I had a number of "light-bulb moments" which have already helped me with my writing.'

— workshop attendee

'Bella's short workshop was insightful, inspiring and informative. She helps make the theoretical practical, in a cogent and compelling workshop. I left wanting more. Thanks Bella.'

— Simon Snashall

'I admired how intently Bella listened to every participant in the room, offering intricate, supportive responses to their work whilst also pointing out areas that were relevant for the group as a whole. I'd highly look forward to any further workshops from Bella on her practise as a theatre maker.'

— workshop attendee

'Bella's insight into the craft of autobiographical theatre allowed me to open an entirely new facet of my work with such ease. I recommend this to anyone who is struggling to manifest a real life event into theatrical writing.'

— Joshua Poole

'Bella is such a lovely woman to work with, she is very open and generous in helping others form ideas and she has a wonderful energy about her.'

— workshop attendee

'An excellent workshop and highly recommended. Bella communicated her thoughts on her craft so clearly and inspirationally. I thought she was an astonishingly acute listener too. The workshop was a great compliment to a great show.'

— workshop attendee